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in the revolution to force the predecessor. they had high hopes when morsi was the first democratically elected president last year but frustrated with what they saw as his rule and failure to fulfill promises egyptians took to the street again and protests ended up with the military decision to remove morsi from office in an act that morsi himself said is against the law. >> translator: the difference between the trial of dr. morsi and the trial of mubaraq is he has authority and mohamed morsi says he is the president. according to the law and constitution morsi is the president of the republic. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> reporter: if morsi is convicted of insightment to commit murder he could be sentenced to death, dominick cane al jazeera cairo. >> reporter: we have live pictures we are seeing outside the police academy on the outskirts of cairo. this is where the former, the ousted and former president mohamed morsi is getting his trial underway and temporarily adjourned because of his defiance in court and the judge was hearing the chants of protesters
>> hello and welcome to the "journal." our headlines -- local elections and close of oh kosovo arein marred. u.s. secretary of state john kerry in egypt days before mohamed morsi's trial. yern breaks yet another soccer record. polls have closed in local elections in kosovo. serb participation in kosovo's political life is a key element of a european-union-brokered deal. today's voting was marred by reports of masked men strain -- storming the main polling center , throwing tear gas and smashing ballot boxes. >> they were only local elections. for kosovo's leaders, they were a barometer of relations between ethnic albanians and serbs. >> knees on the first free elections for all of kosovo -- these are the first free elections for all of kosovo, and that makes them historic for all of our young nation. >> it was the first democratic vote since kosovo broke away from serbia. >> it is a test of democracy and our country, proof that everyone has a voice -- democracy in our hastry, proof that everyone a voice. >> one polling station closed after masked men stormed it, smashing ballot
of people had high hopes when morsi became the country's first democratically elected president. what he saw as his authoritarian rule, many many egyptians took to the streets again and ended up in a military decision to remove morsi from office, an act that morsi said is against the law. >> it's illegal crime. i am the president according to the sugar of the country. >> reporter: now morsi is on trial in the same court. >> mu back rather has abundanmoe republic. >> if morsi is convicted of incitement to commit murder he could be sentenced to death. dominick cane, al jazeera, cai cairo. >> mohammed morsi's son said court proceedings were a force. >> this is not a trial. a trial has no legal guarantees. no criteria who or who will not, the president refused to recognize this nonsense and these coup procedures. >> sue, i know you've been speaking to one of the lawyers who wants to represent morsi. what's he been saying? >> reporter: yes, we were speaking to one of the lead lawyers who really wanted to be there in court to put forward the lead of the defense. he was a presidential candidate but
democratically elected government. the u.s. is using leverage in doing so. it's worth noting that because john kerry has gone to cairo to deliver the messages, that the u.s. is stepping up pressure on the interim government to get on with it. let's talk more about the visit, the visit that nobody knew about until he actually landed, which is unusual, considering the relationship the two countries had in the past. it makes you think of dangerous places like iraq and afghanistan. what does this say? what should we read into that? >> the situation on the ground has been considered unstable. there has been a number of human rights abuses that the u.s. government does not like. crackdown on the burgeoning free press. crackdown on political opponents of the regime, including the muslim brotherhood, in which mohamed morsi was a keen leader. by not announcing this visit ahead of time, washington was sending a message to cairo that it does not approve of how things were going in the past five months. this idea that by going in, spending hours on the ground and preparing to move on to the announced par
elections for a democratic-elected parliament and needs to take the steps sooner rather than later. >> let's talk about the visit to cairo. we didn't know about it until he landed, which makes you think iraq, afghanistan - dangerous places. what are the security concerns. it seems like the relationship between the two countries is clearly not what it was. >> certainly it is telling this the u.s. state department did not want to anoups or confirm -- announce or confirm that this is a possibility. it says that the u.s. is disapproving of how the interim egyptian government has functioned in the past five months, since july 3rd, when mohamed morsi was removed as president of egypt. when you don't make a hue and cry, it sends a message to the host country that it's not behaving the way washington wants it to behave. as for security, we is seen and heard numerous reports of political crack downs, being arrested for demonstrating against the removal of mohamed morsi from power. the coup that is not a coup. the situation with the crackdown on human rights organization, the crackdown on the media
's president loses ground midterm elections killing off her hopes of a third term in office. >>> demanding answers and e.u. delegation heads to washington on claims that the u.s. spied on leaders. >>> no planes, trains or angels. the crippling the u.s. transport system. >> we begin with syria and this number. 2,100,000. that is the total number of people, individuals, that the u.n.est hates has now fled syria because of war. that's on top of the 5 million who have been displaced but still within syria's borders. well, that figure comes as the latest diplomacies as they try tto drum up another round of talks. we're live from neighboring beirut. take us through what they're hoping to achieve. all right, i don't know if you can hear me. i hope you can. now in da mas damascus. what do me hope to achieve. >> reporter: more than anything he wants to hear from the syrian government what it would take for the syrian government to attend a geneva conference. he has been shuffling around the region but all of this is really talk about what it would take for all it would take to sit at this same tabl
. >> the arrival of a freely elected president in a government session and emotionally in tahir sqare. the crucible of the revolution itself. less than 18 months later mohamed morsi is out of office, in detention and facing charges of inciting others to commit murder. the prosecution case against mohamed morsi relates to violence against his supporters and opponents last december. mohamed morsi doesn't recognise the court's right to prosecute him, and will not appoint a legal team. a lawyer who will be in court has told al jazeera that the charges are baseless. >> there is no evidence that mohamed morsi committed any crime. trials of a political nature in the atmosphere of a coup are usually - they are never neutral, transparent or fair. >> 20,000 security forces will be on the streets to prevent protesters disrupting the trial. >> anti-coup alliance called on supporters to stage mass demonstrations. opinion is divided on the streets, before the trial. >> i believe it's a good thing. mohamed morsi was as bad in one year as what happened in the past 30 years, he should be tried. mohamed morsi did no
the marrow cancer that calls for fresh elections in kosovo as the nets most political poll. syria keystrokes in doubt after the opposition coalition set preconditions for attending. ramsay every kid makes its way across north america europe and africa deposed egyptian president muhammad most he has the right thing according i read what his team to stand trial. more c and fourteen of the members of the muslim brotherhood facing charges of inciting the killing of protest is outside the presidential palace was opposition to these rules bread. i drew these are high and the supporters of the brotherhood of coal from us protests. you'll see replaced calls the new iraq is the country's president calling it democratic election but jordy he's thirteen months in power using conflict with the number of key institutions. this discontent spread the army stepped in and removed him from power in july. he's been held that an undisclosed location sixty cents to one tiny room is on a gin many believe the trial will further deepen divisions within the country and the need to get more instability and violence m
. local elections because of the designs promote reconciliation are marked by intimidation. us secretary of state john kerry holds talks in cairo today before the start of ousted president muhammad were safe while. byron is move a step closer to breaking yet another soccer record. also close to the local elections in kosovo the first in which serbia urge minority serbs to bow. surfers education and cousin us political life is a key element of the european union brokered deal to end the dispute there and unlocks eu funds. but today is noting was marred by reports of masked men storming the main polling center in each of the except throwing tear gas and smashing ballot boxes the worldly local elections but for kosovo's leaders they were approved moniker of relations between ethnic albanians and serbs. is it a lot of videos. these are the first free elections for all of kosovo. and that makes them historic our young nation sees his successor though. it was the first boat in the north since kosovo broke away from serbia yet these selections in a test of the political maturity a test of democ
a crucial election. france condemns as revolting the murder of two french journalists in mali. >> a 20-month rebel gone in the eastern democratic republic of congo, which made an existing refugee crisis worst could be closer to an end the the political leader to the m23 rebels declared a ceasefire. it seems that the call for a trues is so far -- truce is so far being ignored by his military wing. these are exclusive pictures - rockets fired around m23 positions on congo's border with rwanda. in the last week the rebels have been pushed out of a stripping of towns by congo's army, bringing rwanda and uganda accused of supporting rebels and the conflict in a region rich in minerals. malcolm webb has the latest. >> the government troops has been fighting with the m23 rebels on three hills close to the border with rwanda. if i hold up the microphone, you can maybe hear the sounds of rockets and bombs landing. the hill that you can see is one of the three hills where the rebels are. there's about 300 left. they are at an advantage. there's tanks, helicopters. fighting uphill in this terrain is di
head to the polls tomorrow for election day 2013. while not all of you have a ballot to cast, there are some key races. david shuster has more. david. >> in new jersey, republican incumbent governor chris christie, appears to be heading towards a landslide victory. poised to make huge inroads with women voters, latinos and african americans. poised to say he is the most electable republican. for several weeks crifti christs been blasting are conservative republicans. >> we need to show the republican party we can win again. guess where they're going to be watching tuesday, right here, going to be watching us. >> more significant given the outcome the republicans are bracing for on election day in virginia. ken cuccinelli, the state attorney general is a tea party darling, staunch fiscal and social conservative, he finds himself down nearly 10 points. the former democratic party ken mcauliffe. but mcauliffe, makes this, look for soul searching on the right wing of the gop and the part of republicans to try otake the party back. >> david back to christie, could a big win -- oka
are coming together to move closer to the european union during crucial elections. alioshi milenkovic reports >> reporter: the youngest european country should not atrack too much attention worldwide but these did because thesis are the first in 14 years since kosovo succeeded election were held in the entire territory of kosovo. they defied the rule of the youngest european country for 14 years because they wanted to stay with serbia. international community refused to grant them that request. but eventually, belgrade, which has strong flu finfluence for s in that part of kosovo had to budge because it was offered the eu membership, the eu perspective. that's why belgrade decided to let make a deal with pristina and have these local elections organ entire territory. eventually, serbs from north were not happy with that decision and we had several incidents in the north of kosovo in a number of voting stations. he elections were interrupted. so what will be next for kosovo after these elections? will the north be integrated in the rest of the country? it is up to politicians to see whether t
in place by the transitional government does lead to a democratically elected new government that is expected to happen over the next several months. so as we move along the map, we are headed toward democracy at least electoral democracy. what actually happens in terms of who is doing the governance in the country and who is making policy decisions i think for now, we don't really know, how that will develop. >> how can you say the country is moving towards democracy when we have seen hundreds of protestors killed, and basic rights that a lot of americans take for granted and like freedom of the press are not allowed in egypt. >> that has been a cause for a lot of concern, i think both in the u.s. and on the streets in egypt. egypt. the popular sentiment in egypt is pro military. they feel the muslim brotherhood hijacked the revolution and were exclusionary in their governance and supportive of violence. people are supportive of the military crack down and people are asking for more of a military crack down. >> in a way the military and interim government are caught between
. mcnulty was ousted. an election marred by intimidation and mosques meant us to polling stations much about boxes in the pockets of total costs top stories this is what are some political ticket for not joining us. the french foreign minister little puppies said today that groups were behind the killing of two french radio journalist in northeastern money at stake peripheral since national tennis shoes painted on the sound technician with the pearl was kidnapped and sold on the outskirts of the time off to dallas today we had these pictures just coming into us. now i'm showing it the audience on the two journalists which are being met through newport ministry at croft fifteen hundred kilometers south of from two dollars to the money and capital of panic or was it a listen out to walk the french foreign minister speaking earlier on had to say about what he calls these the scanning. but now. going into the assassination yesterday in northern mallee of shoes and you know i'm going for a non journalists radio france international it's an od is that objects would revolt in crying that they would
at 2016 or 2013, any election, african-americans are overwhelmingly democratic. it's not they are overwhelmin y overwhelmingly -- they are pro obama too. john kerry, michael dukakis, all did above 85% beloto black vote well. things will have really changed by then. >> a gubernatorial race is happening tomorrow, i think best represent the two wings of the republican party today. you have chris christie, obviously the more pragmatic conservative in new jersey and cuccinelli, a bit more extreme conservative tea partyier and support among women could not be further apart. you have cuccinelli down by 24 points among women. you have christie, who is leading with women by 23 points. perry, is this the moment when the republican party maybe learned something in terms of their messaging? i know that's what chris christie is hoping for. >> i think it is. i think that we should be clear to say, even most republican candidates are not as bad as ken cuccinelli is. i don't want to read too much into this particular race -- >> does have a special way with the lady folks. >> exact
. the investigation is just who was behind the attack is underway. i dropped local elections in kosovo. masked men smashed a polling station in an apparent bid to discourage pics are from posting. first etf. as long as an alarm and more say in court at a high security police complex outside cairo that trial was adjourned. just minutes after it began. morrissey is the country's first ever democratically elected leader he's been charged for inciting violence linked to the deaths of protesters during his time in office cairo corresponding captaincy leaves covering the town of katherine does anymore about what happened there in court this morning this trial is due to start scientists in the insta family hearing from what source is restricted in many ways and i receive is refusing to the white suits and accept prisoners on remand after wet when the idiot box and he did appear in court festival any good jacket that he was a ton and detached and said you have no right to judge me i am still hesitant. i answered and all that is what he said l said that the defendants maintained in the calm the seas deep i
>>> egypt's first democratically-elected president goes on trial, accused of inciting violence and murder, if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty. >> arab leaders gathering in cairo to persuade syrian opposition forces to come to geneva ii. >> paul ciancia told police that he acted alone in the shooting at los angeles international airport. >> art imitating life. a moroccan artist drawing inspiration from real-life turmoil in the middle east. >> welcome to al jazeera america. former egyptian president mohamed morsi is at a cairo police academy to face trial for inciting riots and murder. mohamed morsi and his legal team arrived moments ago amid tight security. supporters of muslim brotherhood are planning protests. dominic kane brings us this report ahead of the trial. >> these are the first pictures of mohamed morsi to emerge since being deposed as president in july. loked by an egyptian newspaper, they are thought to show him during a meeting with foreign dignitaries that month. he says he was ousted by the military in a move that was illegal. >> translation:
when morsi became the country's first democratically elected president in june of last year. but increasingly frustrated with what they saw as his authoritarian rule, and his failure to fulfill promises, many egyptians took to the streets again. a growing wave of protest ended up with the military's decision to remove morsi from office in an act that morsi himself said is against the law. >> the difference between the trial of dr. morsi and the trial of mubarak is that mubarak has abundant authority. according to the law and institution morsi is the president of the rebel. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> if morsi is convicted of incitement to commit murder he could be sentenced to death. al jazeera, cairo. >> meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry now working to de fuse the tensions between the the u.s. and saudi arabia. kerry is continuing his tour of the middle east. it comes after plains of holy spirit of syria, iran and the middle east peace process. >> the saudis are the senior player, if you will, within the arab world with egypt. egypt i
for a sensationalist victory, which has more to do with the upcoming election and little to do with justice. >> can i ask you an historical question. why did both men flee bangladesh after the war of independence in "71. if they weren't guilty of anything, what were they fleeing from. >> my understanding, certainly from chowdhury mueen-uddin - he responded to that question. to say that they fled is an unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from it. mr chowdhury mueen-uddin for example, returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, as never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said, quite openly - he said it to this news station and publicly - that he is prepared to put himself before a credible judicial process, but this is not a credible judicial process. the government... >> it's slightly confusing. the tribunal in bangladesh said they tried to get your client, certainly chowdhury mueen
. this was kerry's first trip to egypt since the military over through the democratic elected leader. morsi will stand trial beginning tomorrow. and the white house has cut a large part of the u.s. military and financial aid to egypt because of undemocratic reforms, and some of the secular groups that backed the military coup six months ago turned on the government in cairo saying they are not doing enough to restore democracy, and kerry struck an upbeat tone today saying he sees signs the military will restore democracy in the near future, and there are fears the man behind the coup will try to run for president. >> conner, thank you. >>> a rare find in a major city forces more than 20,000 people from their homes. we will tell you what it is coming up. >>> whether you believe in it, a group of top scientists says they have a cure for global warming. [ female announcer ] it figures...on your busiest day you see the gray. try root touch-up by nice 'n easy. just brush our permanent color matching creme right where you need it. then rinse. in ten nutes zap those grays and get on with your day.
presidential election in twenty twelve. he was left with a deeply divided society and country in its worst political and economic crisis the presidency will be an institution the superman era is over he said. he promised a renaissance project during his election campaign which was meant to fix the country's problems from an overhaul of the economy to security services and traffic problems the more says cool failed to realize that blueprint nationwide demonstrations continue the country's pillar industry tourism was hit and investment dried up. on november the twenty second last year. morrissey issued a declaration of protecting the work of the constituent assembly. but in the fact this declaration protects his actions from any legal challenge. the move led to massive protests and violence across the country the protesters erecting tents and secure square. the side of the protests that preceded the resignation of hosni mubarak. on july the sick and this year president more she publicly rejected an ultimatum given by the egyptian army and vowed to pursue his own plans for national reconcilia
who used to be the prime minister was re-elected as the prime minister. he's not been on the job for six months. it's essential for him staying in power to say to pakistani citizens - i hear your concerns and fears, and i'm trying to do my best to stand up to washington to prevent the source of attacks from happening. in fact, there was a family which travelled from pakistan to washington to atone members of congress, the impact that one such drone strike had on their family. they weren't the targets but lost their grandmother in what can be described as collateral damage. it's the sort of thing that terrified people, making them feel they can't trust wabz -- washington, which says it's a close ally of pakistan. >> have we heard from the white house today? >> we have not heard from the white house, but from a senior administration official who is telling al jazeera that while the administration can't confirm that hakimullah mehsud was killed on friday in the drone strike, or that khan said has become the new head of the pakistani taliban, the official goes on to say in the u.s.'
♪ protests across egypt today as the country's first demeanorly elected president is on trial accused of violence and murder and if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty and fall out after a suspected u.s. drone strike kills the head of the pakistan taliban and the u.s. ambassador is going to islamabad. the trouble gunman accused of opening fire at lax and killing a tsa worker and they told him after they shot him he acted alone. and a traditional form of fighting hundreds of years old is in danger of getting knocked out by modern martial arts. good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie, more than four months after egypt military coup the trial of the first freely elected president is underway and p.m. was over thrown on july 3 and held in a secret location until today. no pictures showing morsi in court have come out. he arrived earlier at a police academy in cairo for the start of his trial. these are live pictures of protesters outside the court building. morsi is charged with insightment to commit murder. supporters say the trial is politi
angela merkel was elected. >> this morning senator jeanne shaheen called on the nsa to come clear on the surveillance program. >> i think the revelations from edward snowden, and secrets that are revealed are doing damage to our bilateral relationships with germany, mexico and other countries where the suggestion is that we've lisped in -- listened in. i think we have repair work to do and hard questions it ask of the nsa about what is happening in the program. >> it's a different view from the chairman of the house homeland security committee. congressman peter king says america should stop apologising for the nas. >> the reality is the nsa saved thousands of lives - not just the united states, but france, germany and throughout europe. the french carried out spying operations ai gaips the united states -- against the united states. as far as germany - that's where the hamburg plot began laing to nchb -- leading to 9/11. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright agrees, saying the u.s. is not the only one that spies on world leaders, but says france listened to her calls. a
to egypt since the military coup over threw the democratically elected government in july. since then the military-backed government has killed hundreds of supporters of the former president mohamed morsi and arrested thousands more, mainly from the muslim brotherhood party. the white house will actually -- has cut a large part of the u.s. aid to egypt both financial and military aid to the country. and some of the secular groups that have backed the military coup have actually turned against the new government in cairo saying they have gone too far and aren't doing enough to restore democracy to egypt. kerry struck an upbeat tone today and says he is seeing signs that the military is willing to restore democracy, though there is a growing fear that the military commander, general al-sisi could run and could be ushering in a military of strong men. it was mubarak, the man who ruled for three decades, was ousted and there is fear that sisi may replace him. >> thank you. eric? >> they say he murdered his wife to carry on his love affair with his mistress, but is there enough eviden
movement has members of the g.o.p. now taking sides. we go to alabama where special elections show the true republican divide. >> reporter: as the sun sets onn the water that defines mobile alabama, omer ogelsby gets to work, trying to win the soul of the republican party. >> i've been a fan of deandown'n young's of a long time. >> it will be a godly country. a country that god can look down on and say, i'm proud of this country. but right now i don't think he's doing that. i don't think he's proud of the way we're conducting business. >> reporter: he's campaigning outside of a debate for this man, candidate dean young, promising to change washington with confrontation. >> i can tell you right now that barack obama does not want me to go to washington because we don't have a lot in common. and so there won't be a lot of bipartisanship unless these guys start coming over to our way of thinking. >> the other republican, bradley burn, backed by the party leadership and funded by corporations. his statements are far from liberal. >> we are sending far too much money to other countries who do no
and even if it is three years to the next presidential election, it might not have seemed that way this weekend. as new jersey's republican governor chris christie campaigned for re-election and democrat hillary clinton received an enthusiastic endorsement. kelly o'donnell is on the trail with christie and hints of 2016. >> riding a double digit lead in the polls and a week-long bus tour. governor christie's campaign style is jersey personal. wrapping an arm around voters, posing for voters in a packed diner today. >> in new jersey, we can handle his abruptness and the so-called bully. but i think that the other parts of the country may not respond well to that. >> when you listen to me you don't wonder what i'm thinking. >> reporter: christie has done his part to stump the 2016 speculation. are you trying to be a different kind of republican in this race? >> i'm just trying to be me. you can decide whether that's different or not. i'm just me. >> reporter: with the republican party bruised nationally, its defeated candidate mitt romney talked up christie's chances on "meet the pre
several associates of her ricky may allegations of so much in extremely close municipal election result one hundred votes separated incumbent every team and watch the apatow from second to challenge or any color and sixty more than eighteen thousand residents. he's already everest today people in the investigation into voting irregularities. often it would sound with two hundred sites like these election results and suspicions of flu have led to protests calling for new election in which image which is growing increasingly tense as ultra orthodox second date with its began to obama in recent years to rekindle the most conservative jurists that shelling the media and enforcing strict code of modesty. there was at the cost is greater portion of israel's population and to the point but rates raising questions about the jewish state's future as they influence grows . i knew the routine. she and more. oh well. i am. off. while. zune few. the there has been called many significant leak of classified information in the u s history. the case in this former cia employee who released the document
democratically elected president of egypt. clarissa, thanks very much. hundreds of paintings stolen by the nazis have been found in an apartment. the virginia governor's election is a test of the tea party's power. and a case of alleged harassment. an n.f.l. lineman quits his team. a teammate is suspended when the "cbs evening news" continues. the new oxytrol for women patch. the first and only over the counter treatment for overactive bladder. put the control back in your go with new oxytrol for women. now in the feminine care aisle. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. been part of life in the n.f.l. but what went on in the miami dolphins locker room may have taken bullying to a new extreme. mark strassmann looks at the two players at the center of this. >> reporter: both richie incognito and jonathan martin played offensive line for the dolphins. martin left the tea
administration to ask him to adhere to the democratic principle and to have fair, free, and punctual election, not to defer them. because the iraqis see the elections are mostly arabian. >> right. thank you very much for joining us on the show. >>> well now it's time to check in on the weather, and richard argentina is on alert for possible flooding? >> that's right. it's certainly one to watch in the coming days. this area of cloud down towards the south which is developing, and really what we have at the moment is this area of high-pressure from the east and west. so it's going to be stationary over the next few days, and you see the rainfall we normally get for this time of year. i think we're going to get this in the space of two days or so, and it will stretch from brainest aries up to paraguay. and maybe even on as far as peru. the whole system moves to the nose -- northeast in a day or so. in north america they have certainly had flooding programs. these shots come from austin, texas where we had more than 350 millimeters of rain. that system is moving away, drier conditions across mu
it began. morsi is the country's first ever democratically elected leader. he has been charged for inciting to the death led of protesters during his time in office. thomas waterhouse reports. >> day one of the morsi trial, and just hours after the hearing began, it is already adjourned. telling the court, "i am the president of the republic," morsi refused to don the customary white prison suit. he then succeeded in disrupting proceedings further by singing in court. leading the judge to push back the trial to january. >> sorry about that, we seem to be having technical difficulties. our correspondent catherine stably is at the courthouse in cairo. she gives us more details on what happened there this morning. mohamed morsi has refused to recognize the judge at the trial. he says it does not have any legitimacy. he has been taken away by helicopter. we saw him fly overhead and he is being taking to a prison on the outscored to bash on the outskirts of cairo. no one knew where he was being held. this is where the senior muslim brotherhood leaders are being detained. this a chaotic scene mor
arrived for the trial and immediately invoked his status as egypt's first freely elected president. and that is about as far as things got there. the trial was postponed until early next year. live in cairo, ian, it sounds like it barely got going before it was postponed. what happened inside there? >> that's right, brooke. initially, we thought it was going to be a quick, noneventful procedural trial, but really was anything but. morsi came strolling in, wearing a suit, not the typical white jumper that most defendants are seen wearing when asked who he was, he said he was the president of the republic, and that he did not recognize the legitimacy of the court. his other co-defendants, the seven others, also broke out into chants, saying that they do not recognize the legitimacy of the court twice. the judge had to adjourn the court, calm things down. probably the most bizarre was two local egyptian journalists got in a fight with a lawyer. the journalists chanted -- angry at him. and that stopped proceedings for a while as well. now, they finally were able to get through it. ther
ousted the country's democratically-elected president in july. kerry said the u.s. is a friend and partner to the egyptian people and wants to contribute to the country's success. in an interview ahead of the secretary of state's visit, the prime minister said he intended to have frank and honest talks with kerry. he arrived before mohamed morsi and 14 other top brotherhood leaders go on trial. kerry's visit to cairo is the first stop in a nine-day trip to the middle east, eastern europe, and north africa. >>> michael jackson's former doctor who was just released from jail is now suing to get his medical license back. dr. conrad murray filed suit against the texas medical board claiming it prematurely revoked his license. murray says his conviction in california is not final until his appeals are exhausted. the former cardiologist was convicted in 2011 of giving jackson a lethal overdose of a powerful anesthetic. he spent less than two years in jail. >>> talk about putting your skills to the test. ten people parachuted to safety after two sky diving planes they were riding in c
wants a care taker to oversee the general election due in january. >>> a u.s. study has found that serial rapists are responsible for nearly 9 out of 10 rapes on university campuses. researchers behind the reports said they met many men eager to brag about their crimes. chris bury reports on the incidents of rape. >> ooccidental campus in new york. >> i ended up walking back to his place with him. once we were there he rairpd me. >> this -- raped me. >> this woman now a junior says she was raped in mer first year -- her first year. her outrage grew after she learned the college disciplined the offender for his first offense. >> he wasn't suspended or expelled? >> no. >> three or four women coming forward and alleging that the same man has sexually assaulted or raped them. >> carolyn heldman has been teaching with occidental for four years. activists for sexual assault victims. >> i have been here at occi for four years. i have counseled women who were sexually assaulted, battered. >> the overwhelming rapes on college campuses have been committed by serial offenders. david trav
are disappointed is the wrong word but furious by the fact that the democratically elected president has been deposed, will there be many nations in the region, many people internationally who wish for things to change further, for the military to take a back seat once again, given that it happened when it did? >> certainly in the international community and particularly in the west, there's broad support for military returning to the barracks and not running the country. but unfortunately the ability for the international community to affect that outcome is very, very limited. it was therefore the most likely institution to respond when morsi lost control. i think that's really the important point to america here that this is -- to make here: that this is not just the point of morsi being a bad president or noninclusive president but who lost control during his final months of power. when a president loses control, there are no really happy endings and this is one of those unhappy endings that we are witnesses. >> we thank you very much indeed. >> thank you for having me. >> not to block sup
with the upcoming election. to say that they fled is unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither of them supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from that. chowdhury mueen-uddin, for example, has returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, has never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said quite openly, to this news station and publicly that he is quite prepared to put himself before a credible judicial process, but this is not a credible judicial process. >> intense fighting between m23 rebels and the military outside the democratic republic of congo. the rebels control only three hill areas near the rwandan border after losing their strong hold of bunagana last week. soldiers accused them of committing atrocities during their retreat. malcolm webb has this report from rumanagabo in the eastern drc. >> this patch of bush next to a former m23 rebel base look like any other of the something more sirns lies within. the soldier l
constitution and hold free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections. de also touch briefly on the issue of that withheld u.s. aid. he said that it is not intended as a punishment and that it really shouldn't be the focus of the relationship. >> jeff: clarissa, secretary trip comes on the eve of the trial of ousted president morsi. i know it's very tense there right now. what are we expecting tomorrow? >> well, security forces here are on high alert because morsi supporters have called for large scale protests. the interior ministry says that up to 20,000 military and police will be out on the streets. the trial itself is being held in a heavily fortified police compound, the same one where the trial of former president hosni mubarak was housed. and essentially we don't even know yet whether or not morsi will be in the courtroom. but he is facing charges of insightment to murder which could carry life in prisonment or even the death penalty if he is found guilty. >> clarissa ward from cairo. thank you. >> later was miami dolphin jonathan martin the target of harassment by te
on trial. last year morsi became egypt's first democratically elected president. now he faces charges of inciting violence and complicity in the deaths of prisoners. his supporters in the muslim brotherhood say they're planning to protest when the court proceedings get going later on monday. kerry called on the leaders of the group and security forces to exercise restraint. >>> kerry is heading to israel to try to push the middle east peace process forward. israeli leaders have made his work more difficult even before he arrives. they have approved plans to build more homes for jewish settlers in occupied palestinian territory. the israelis issued tenders for the construction of more than 1,700 homes in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. and they just announced plans to build another 1,500 housing units. united nations officials say the settlements are a violation of international law. the palestinians want the land for a future palestinian state. they resumed peace negotiations with the israelis in july. they've long looked upon the settlements as an obstacle to resolving the
. >>> two new polls out this morning give new jersey governor chris christie a commanding lead in his re-election bid. voters make their choice tomorrow. but this morning, there is also talk of christie's future, along with the woman he could face in a 2016 presidential bid, former secretary of state hillary clinton. jan crawford is in washington. good morning to you. >> good morning margaret and charlie. it's too soon to call them front-runners early on but the buzz around clinton and christie is undeniable. mitt romney considered chris christie to be his running mate in 2012 and on sunday he had lots of praise. >> chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and help get this nation on the right track again. >> but a romney-christie ticket never materialized because of what romney's team found vetting the governor. according to "doubling down" christie's background check raised red flags about the man they code named pufferfish, including questions about his travel expenses when he was a u.s. attorney, his health and weight, and his brother's admission of securities fraud. they dug
't play well with the elect ral rat. >> faisa do they have a right to be outraged? >> i think so. you have to put this in the context of, parting of ways between europe and the united states, the drone issue being another one just last week, in the u.n. general assembly, there was a big debate about drones and there you had many european countries joining with third world countries to express concern about drones. i think there's also this general sense that maybe the americans have just gone too far in their quest for security and i think that's also part of the equation here. >> but when it comes to the spying how does that rank on the evils of the united states? l. >> well, remember these countries many of them also have this history of spying. communist east germany for example where angela merkel comes from, the stasi kept records on many of them and persecuted paws of spying. there is suspicion on spying does it rank high enough to torpedo a trade deal? i don't know about that. >> i want to get your reaction from certain sunday talk shows, from a democratic senator who is against thi
based on. >> all of this comes as stop and frisk has been a major issue in new york's mayoral election, which takes place this tuesday. democraticsio, the nominee for mayor who is leading his republican opponent joe lhota, said he was extremely disappointed by the decision. ask for more we're joined by -- >> for more we're joined by sunita patel. can you talk about the significance of this decision? was quite stunning, saying stop and frisk was unconstitutional, pointing -- saying a monitor had to be put in place to come up with reforms for the police department. but all of that has been turned around. >> it is very disappointing and shocking. the decision was to supporting and shocking. i think we need to make sure we're clear on what was in front of them. the city was asking for a stay of her reform process. although the judge said all of these things need to be put into place immediately, she also deferred to the monitor a process whereby the city would have a role in shaping what those reforms would be. none of those reforms were actually ordered to happen immediately. in the face
very much. >> egypt's first democratically elected president now on trial for >> ifill: egypt's first democratically elected president, now on trial for inciting murder was defiant during his brief first day in court. newshour correspondent kwame holman begins our coverage. with mohammed morsi arrival for his trial shown on state television marks the first time he has been seen publicly since the military forced him from power in july. the troil is being held at this highly fortified police academy compound. broadcaster kos not air statements from inside the courtroom but one of morsi's lauers said he took a defiant stand. >> when he came into the hall the lawyers began chanting in support of him. the president said when he came in its 32-year-old morsies with kept in a courtroom holding cell along with 14 codefendants, top members of his muslim brotherhood. they're accused of insighting this violence in cairo last december against opponents of the muslim brotherhood. ten people died in the clashes. morsi supporters say the case is trumped up. hundreds of them rallied outside the tria
polls out this morning give new jersey governor chris christie a commanding lead in his re-election bid. voters make their choice tomorrow. but this morning, there is also talk of christie's future, along with the woman he could face in a 2016 presidential bid, former secretary of state hillary clinton. jan crawford is in washington. good morning to you. >> good morning margaret and charlie. it's too soon to call them front-runners early on but the buzz around clinton and christie is undeniable. mitt romney considered chris christie to be his running mate in 2012 and on sunday he had lots of praise. >> chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and help get this nation on the right track again. >> but a romney-christie ticket never materialized because of what romney's team found vetting the governor. according to "doubling down" christie's background check raised red flags about the man they code named pufferfish including questions about his travel expenses when he was a u.s. attorney his health and weight, and his brother's admission of securities
as a democratically elected president. supporting the queue. there's various disagreements. moving forward, i don't know what they need to do. i think they have their work cut out for them. >> ali, do you have ideas? >> he'll give assurances to the saudis, if you go back to the statement in riad, he said the issues between us and the saudis is not strat eegeic, just tactical. he'll stress on the differences, that they are minor. we have the same goal. >> thanks to our two guests. >>> across the world, more than 150 million children have lost one or both parents. many live in orphanages, group homes or are on the streets without care givers, or access to food or education. for every three months they live in orphanages, they lose one month of developmental skills. the christian group organised orphan sunday, it drew thousands of evan gellicals to sufferance. we visited one. >> church organizers told me if one family in every church in the u.s. adopted a child, there would be no need for orphanages. this lady sends services at her evangelical church, life with life. she shared her journey of adopti
is election day. they continue to hang onto the coattails of their more famous endorsers. here's an update. >> reporter: hoping for a last-minute surge in a low turnout race, ken cuccinelli brought along starpower to culpepp culpepp culpepper. marco rubio is a referendum on president obama and the affordable care act. >> the president running for governor on the democratic side, not only supports obama care, he actually thinks it doesn't go far enough in the direction of government control. >> fight back against the president and obama care and tear him apart and do it with our votes tomorrow right here in virginia. tomorrow is our day, folks. tomorrow is our day! >> reporter: the latest quinnipiac poll shows terry mcauliffe leading by six points. it has robert sarvis with 8%, much from conservative voters who might otherwise vote for cuccinelli. cuccinelli campaigns alongside ron paul. among male voters, cuccinelli leads. surveys suggest his supporters are more energized than mcauliffes. but the democrat has a big lead with women. vice president joe biden hit the trail with him this morni
of their time on the campaign trail running for re-election in the 2014 midterm elections. those are the news headlines on the fox business network. get you back to ashley and tracy. ashley: arthel negative very, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> preparing for takeoff no longer means shutting off the electronic device. well, kind of. the federal aviation administration easing regulations when you can use your cell phone and tablet during take off and landings. delta and jetblue submitting e device plan to the faa you could use devices soon as tomorrow. joining us mary schiavo, former inspector general at department of transportation. thanks very much for joining us. we'll get into the cell phone issue. you can use the e device for reading, working, playing games, movies. is there any proof that these were dangerous in the first place? >> no. most of the proof was, came from various stories, someone said they thought it might have. when the pilot gave an order to shut everything down the problem went away. except by that point you move ad few hundred miles from where you had the inter
jersey. there is an election there on tuesday. he wants to hold on to his job as governor. with these allegations that romney reportedly passed up on him because, quote, he was littered with land mines, any sense at this point what those alleged land mines could be and how they may possibly come out? >> you know, there's a lot of little things in there but none of them are really explosive. one is the fact when he was u.s. attorney he had a heavy expense account and spending too much money spending at the four seasons. i don't know this will kill anybody but it shows that romney didn't want to pick christie for a whole lot of reasons. >> any other reasons we should know about besides the four seasons? >> that is big. apparently romney would make fun of the governor's girth. he doesn't like people who aren't fit and who are late for meetings. look at the two guys when you see the stylistic and lifestyle differences. >> lot of differences there. >> the obama campaign as we learned looked at possibly replacing vice president biden on the ticket. i imagine that wouldn't probab
since the ouster of pakistan's first democratally elected president. >> hundreds of million dollars of dollars in aid rehe moved mohamed morsi. and it is scheduled to start tomorrow. >>> population boom is headed to contra costa county. they started closing navy bases in the area and there were high hopes of what would replace them. progress is slow and as ken wayne reports, concord is shaping up to be a much different story. >>> it is a rare sight in the densely populated bay area. >> open space and open canvas for developers. >> the weaponses station was the last of the major bay area military installations to close t while redevelopmentcontinues at hunter's point. alameda. treasure island. bases that closed year he is earlier. plans are moving quickly -- other base resist still finding their way. >> there is a potential we will be able to accelerate our development faster than the other bases. >> michael wright heads up the project. >> it is going to be a, i think, a real first class place to live. >> residents are going to move into new housing at the site. they will be surround
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